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Busy Bee Pillow : Therapeutic Pillow for Senior Citizens, Alzheimer's and Dementia Patients

Keep your loved ones happy and engaged with the Busy Bee Pillow.

The Busy Bee Pillow™ is a customizable therapeutic pillow designed to stimulate and engage senior citizens and loved ones or senior facility residents living with Alzheimer's, dementia and other age-degenerative illnesses that affect your loved ones. The Busy Bee Pillow™ is an interactive stimulus that is carefully created to enliven all five senses, exercise fine motor skills and rekindle fond memories.

Build the perfect pillow for your special someone.

The Busy Bee Pillow™ can be monogrammed for personalization, and comes with thoughtful touches like a convenient hand warmer designed to easily allow for hands to slip in to keep them warm and enjoy the comforting texture of the cozy fabric. The shape of the side arms on the pillows are designed to make the user feel like being hugged. The topper is designed for attachments and designed to be interchangeable for birthdays, holidays or hobbies. The integrated roll-out blanket reaches all the way to the ankles for warmth and comfort, and is unzippable for washing. The snack container on the side will keep crackers, gold fish or any nonperishable snack close in reach.

Custom options designed with purpose.

The Busy Bee Pillow™ is currently available in three basic options, the Busy Bee Signature (yellow), Alzheimer's Standard (purple), and Therapeutic (multicolor). Each Busy Bee Pillow™ is thoughtfully designed to delight and engage the user with interactive features that stimulate the mind and body. Designed for easy care, the Busy Bee Pillow™ is hand-crafted with waterproof material covering the foam that is easy to clean in case of any accidents or spills. The poly-twill fabric over the waterproof material is fire retardant and the fabric is processed just like the outdoor furniture material to make it easy to wipe off for cleaning. The pillows come in an easy to carry storage bag for added convenience and portability.

Busy Bee Pillow : Therapeutic Pillow for Senior Citizens, Alzheimer's and Dementia Patients
Specifically designed for senior citizens to stimulate all five senses.

Busy Bee Pillow : Therapeutic Pillow for Senior Citizens, Alzheimer's and Dementia Patients

As special and unique as the person its made for.

The Busy Bee Pillow™ is completely customizable, so families can choose a unique fabric design as well as custom attachments that are tailored for each individual. Customizations include things like a set of keys, a watch, interactive maze, hand warmer, tissue pocket, roll-out blanket, photo album, snack box, squeeze ball, shoe lace, zipper, button, and scented aromatherapy fabric with choice of lavendar, peppermint or other calming scents. A recordable voice box is also included that can hold up to three minutes of recordings, such as favorite songs or a voice message from family or friends. Just push a button to hear messages like "I love you, mom" or "Have a great day!" Treasured loved ones are always close by with voice messages and a photo album of precious memories at their fingertips.

Bee-cause we care.

The Busy Bee Pillow™ is hand-crafted using only the finest materials and built with the sensibilities of seniors in mind. We are proud to offer this amazing pillow that will delight the senses and warm the hearts of your loved ones.

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Busy Bee Pillow
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