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Our customers love the Busy Bee Pillow because of the love we put into making each one.

"These are incredible for residents and family members with dementia and Alzheimer's. What I really love is the way they help keep our residents active with their fine motor skills and memory engagement! I highly recommend these for any community."
- Scott M., Executive Director
"Truly amazing!! So much thought and detail have been put in the Busy Bee Pillow."
- Dee B., CNA
"Love this Busy Bee Pillow! Great for your Dementia patients and clients. You can tell they are made with great love and care."
- Carol Lynn V., Director of Hospice and Homecare
"You can tell who invited the Busy Bee Pillow is someone who has worked with seniors in a community and knows what the seniors need not someone from corporate."
- Jessica L., Unit Manger
"Our resident was able to complete her therapy session with a fractured wrist because we were able to prop her wrist splint up on the Busy Bee Therapeutic Pillow to provide support and comfort while she used her other arm for range of motion and muscle strengthening with the attachments on the pillow. This pillow is going to be an amazing tool to add to our therapy equipment."
- Amy, Therapy Manager
"My resident living with Alzheimer's and in a memory care always exit seeks but I was able to engage him with the Busy Bee pillow by flipping through the photo album and carry on a conversation to redirect him. I love the Busy Bee pillow for my residents."
- Barbie M., Memory Care Director
"I love how the Busy Bee Pillow can engage the person wearing the pillow as well as others around by talking about the photo album, playing tic-tac-toe and other attachments to "play" with."
- Teepa Snow, America's leading educator on Dementia and Alzheimer's. Please visit to learn more.
" I was surprised to see pop sit and color coordinate the beads in the water mat attachment."
- Laura B., Product Designer for Busy Bee Pillow
Busy Bee Pillow Busy Bee Pillow
"The silver-haired head is a crown of glory, if it is found in the way of righteousness"

Proverbs 16:31