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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the cost of Busy Bee Pillow more expensive than other products like Alzheimer's/Dementia lap blankets, twiddle muffs, and busy aprons?

Unlike other products on the market we thought of everything when designing the Busy Bee Pillow™. The Busy Bee Pillow™ covers ALL 5 senses. The Busy Bee Pillow™ is handmade right here in the USA. We use the highest quality of material on every component of Busy Bee Pillow™. The outside fabric is made of a durable poly-twill fabric, a material used for outdoor furniture. The poly-twill is non-flammable and easy to clean. The inside foam is covered with a waterproof material to protect the pillow foam from accidents and spills. All attachments are locked down in place using split rings to make it safe for the user and also make the attachments interchangeable making the pillow totally customizable. All stitch work is done by hand using a high-quality stitch material. The voice box recorder is placed in a hidden pocket sewn inside the fabric for durability and safety. We have split rings on all zippers locking them in place so the user doesn't unzip and take the covering off. We use a very durable plastic for the interchangeable photo book. The aromatherapy is secured inside the "washrag" making it safe and able to have calming aroma for months to come. This one-time investment is made with the highest quality material available on the market. Each pillow is hand-made and thoroughly inspected before being sent to the buyer. This investment is totally customizable and built so the attachments can be interchangeable keeping the user engaged for days on end and the durability of the product make it something that can be passed on for generations to come.

What is the difference between Busy Bee Pillow and other products on the market?

The difference is in the design all together. Busy Bee Pillow™ is designed to be one product capable of stimulating ALL 5 senses, keeping the user warm with the fleece blanket and hand warming pouches and making the user feel snuggled with the arms of the pillow, ultimately enhancing the quality of life for the user. No other single product on the market offers this ability. Busy Bee Pillow™ is also designed to be totally customizable and interchangeable. This ability offers the buyer a way to tailor the pillow to a specific user's needs as well as change out the attachments to keep the user engaged for months on end.

How do I keep my pillow clean?

The outside fabric is made with 100% poly-twill fabric and processed just like outdoor furniture fabric for easy wiping. We recommend PDI Super Sani Cloth Germicidal Wipes from These wipes are an EPA registered hospital-grade disinfectant wipes. The pillow can be taken apart and each piece on the pillow can be washed. See the instructions on taking the pillow apart on the website.

Can I switch the attachments from one pillow to another one?

Yes you can! Additional attachments may be purchased on our website. All three pillows have standard attachments and all attachments can be customizable for any pillow.

I don't see an attachment choice I like on the website or see many to choose from - are there more?

We are constantly researching and making new attachments available to sale. If you have any attachment ideas please contact us. Also, we are just getting started please sign up for emails for upcoming news on Busy Bee Pillow™.

Are these pillows considered a restraining device?

No. They do not have any straps or anything on them to keep a user tied down.

What are the foam blocks used for?

We have designed two foam blocks that come with the purchase of a pillow. One is a 4-inch block and the other is a 6-inch block. The blocks are attached with velcro under the pillow next to the roll out blanket. The purpose for the block is to keep the pillow leveled in the user's lap. The 4-inch foam block is recommended for anyone 6 feet and taller. The 6-inch foam block is recommended for anyone under 6 feet. The user doesn't have to use the foam blocks if he or she doesn't want too.

Can the pillow be monogramed?

Yes! We recommend having the pillow monogramed with the user's name on it.

What is the difference in the three pillows, and will there be more fabrics to choose from?

A. The Therapeutic pillow is designed for a professional setting and in therapy companies inside of senior communities. It can also be used for individuals or loved ones not in a senior community. The design for the Therapeutic pillow is to have more range of motion and fine motor skill attachments. This pillow is ideal for a patient who needs therapy to relearn to button and zip up pants or to squeeze a ball for strengthening hand muscles or to relearn to tie a shoe lace. The voice box can be used for speech therapy. The snack box can be used to keep food used to assess patients for swallowing.

B. The Alzheimer's Standard pillow is specifically designed for people living with Alzheimer's/Dementia. They have a set of keys and a watch because people living with Alzheimer's/Dementia are always asking where their keys are or what time it is. We will be adding to these attachments very soon. For every Alzheimer's Standard pillow sold, a portion of the proceeds will be donated back to the Alzheimer's Association. Together we can find a cure.

C. The Busy Bee Signature Pillow is designed for anyone or any gender.

Busy Bee Pillow™ will be adding to the fabric pillow collections soon. Please sign up to receive our emails containing updates and other useful information.

Can I set up a corporate account?

Yes you can! Please call us at 864.804.7148 for more information.

What are the interchangeable toppers and blankets?

Toppers are designed for special occasions or special holidays. Changing the toppers will help to keep the user oriented with the time of the year. Some choices are: Christmas, Halloween, Birthday, Faux Fur (to get the feel of a pet), Mermaid Sequin, Fall Leaves and much more. These toppers will look great on any pillow fabric. The interchangable blankets are designed for the user to have their favorite color or if you would like extra blankets for when washing.

Can we order just a lap pillow with no attachments?

Yes you can! Please email us for more information on pricing and options.

After I place an order how long will it take for my pillow to arrive?

Each Busy Bee Pillow™ is custom made to order and handcrafted per your individual specifications. Upon receiving your order, we will immediately get to working "busy as a bee" to complete your order and shipping it within two weeks.

Busy Bee Pillow
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