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Busy Bee Pillow

Inspired by passion and a love for senior citizens.

Hello and thank you for visiting our website and your interest in the Busy Bee Pillow™! My name is Misty Fant, and I was born with a passion for working with seniors. I worked as an activity director in a senior facility in Spartanburg, SC for over 15 years. While working as the activities director in the assisted living, health center and memory care units, I noticed there would always be residents that would be left out due to them not physically being able to participate in my activities.

For example, these residents would be non-mobile or be in a later stage of dementia. Noticing this sparked a passion for me to design something to make their day a little bit more exciting, something to stimulate their senses and something to help make caring for them easier. I wanted something that would remind them of loved ones and the life they had before. With people living with Alzheimer's, I noticed they just wanted something to hold. I would see the memory care residents holding a table cloth or wash rag to fidget with and they would hold it for hours. They would also want their car keys or ask, "Where are my children?" - only to repeat the same questions later in the day. That's when I thought of Busy Bee Pillow™.

Engaging and interactive

The concept is simple: A pillow for Seniors designed to be the best thing since bingo! And Seniors absolutely love bingo! The Busy Bee Pillow™ is a product that is totally customizable and thoughtfully designed to stimulate all five senses and engage the mind and body.

My goal is for this pillow to bring happiness to Seniors while increasing their quality of life. I want this pillow to be a conversation starter for staff working with residents in the senior communities to keep everyone more engaged. The Busy Bee Pillow™ will be great for residents and grandchildren to enjoy together, and comes in an easy to carry storage bag making it very portable so you can take it with you wherever you go. I have a real passion for Seniors and I have yet to find any other product on the market like this, a product that will stimulate the senses and enhance the quality of life.

With All My Love For Seniors,
Busy Bee Pillow
Busy Bee Pillow
"The silver-haired head is a crown of glory, if it is found in the way of righteousness"

Proverbs 16:31